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Sidney Van Wichelen

Growing up in the animated neighbourhood of Molenbeek (Brussels), Sidney embraces the energy that embraces him and channels it into the creation of vibrant films. Defined by his no-nonsense approach, he investigates all options and makes the most of every opportunity and moulds each story into a unique film. He knows better than anyone how to portray the feelings of his characters and create emotion using a strong narrative thread. opportunity and shapes every story into a unique film. He knows better than any other directors how to express his characters’ feelings and create emotion using a strong narrative thread.

Sidney Van Wichelen started doing what he loves right after finishing filmschool: telling intimate human stories through film. His strength? Finding the beauty in the ordinary.
In 2015 he started at the Research & Development department at the RTBF. His job consisted in creating concepts that were broadcasted on the Belgian national television. At this time he helped to develop interactive documentaries such as ‘Generation What’ and create the whole cultural platform of ‘C’est Cult’.

Later, his experiences as a creative in advertising helped him to understand the true value of ideas and that they are just as important as good aesthetics when it comes to communicating clearly. Campaign after campaign, he’s been capable of depicting human comedy to serve the brands’ best interest and mark the viewers’ mind. Sidney’s films are both funny and sensitive, he treats his advertising spots like short films, using very cinematic shots and a strong sense of narration.

Projects such as ‘De Kamer’, ‘Eu In My region’ ‘Bob Campagne’, ‘Solo’ & ‘Aveve colour his portfolio
He is known for his work with Belgian artists such as Hamza, ICO, Lord Gasmique, Coely, Senamo, Caballero & JeanJass, Krisy, L’Or du Commun, Loic Nottetand Romeo Elvis.


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