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Jeroen Willekens

Jeroen was a promising ballet dancer as a teenager, this is where he discovered his natural sense of movement, rhythm and music. When an injury forced him to stop, he went to film school. Soon he transferred his special sense of movement, rhythm and music into his new career – directing! After graduating, his short film ‘De Twijfelaar’ was selected for competition at Belgium’s most renowned film festival, Gent Film Fest.

After that he started as a documentary director for television to capture what had fascinated him for a long time: human nature. After a few years he began experimenting with ways to make his stories more visually powerful and started shooting commercials. His gift for combining human emotion with a powerful aesthetic and a keen sense of movement and rhythm eventually led to his signature style of filmmaking.

As a director, he brings a rarely seen amount of energy and commitment to every project, from treatment to finished film. Agencies and clients love him for this. He blends real human emotions, powerful aesthetics and a natural sense of movement and rhythm into his incomparable style of filmmaking. Always focusing on what interests him most: portraying humans as authentic and real as possible.

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