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Indra Siera


From a young age, indra has had a taste for music, a sense for poetry, an eye for beauty and a mind full of stories to tell. He has been lucky to work for a variety of award- winning projects, spanning across many mediums and languages.

Indra Siera graduated as a radio and television director at the ‘HRITCS’, and successfully finished his musical studies at the Antwerp Conservatory. He completed his education at the London Film School (Screen and Cast Direction).

In 1997 Indra and editor Manu Van Hove started an audiovisual service company in Antwerp (Belgium) called ‘Het Digitaal Geweld’. Since then, Indra directed a large number of commercials, idents, and music films, as well as docudrama, creative nonfiction and TV drama for various channels winning several awards. His mini-series ‘Oud België’ was nominated for a Rose d’Or and for Best Mini-Series at the Monte Carlo TV festival in 2010. One of his most recent projects, ‘Professor T’, was a major hit in Belgium and the first Flemish series ever to be remade in both France and Germany, with a third remake in Czech Republic on the way. The series, into its third season in Belgium, won the Jury Award for Best International TV series at the Television Festival in La Rochelle. Indra is fluently trilingual: Dutch-French-English.

His work balances an exquisite eye for composition and style with a depth of feeling which allows actors’ performances to resonate and deliver real depth. His approach is that of a real artist, who is not afraid to take risks and play with form to get to the emotional truth of a story. As a result, his programmes are never predictable or formulaic: in his hands, even the most traditional script comes to life as a unique and memorable piece in its own right.”

Indra has always been passionate about art, and found early on that an artistic outlet was the perfect way to express his ideas, creativity and imagination. In every project, he uses his vast experience, extreme efficiency and pure talent, to understand, develop and direct every scene and character.

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