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Bill Barluet

After studying at ESCP-EAP, Bill Barluet immediately directed self-produced short films on film. At the same time, he was a stage manager on commercials directed by Patrice Leconte, Etienne Chatiliez, JB Mondino and assistant director and location manage on short films, TV-commercials, music films and feature films.

In 2006, Bill directed his first short film in 35mm, “Drifting”and in 2007, he did is second short film, “Faits divers”, for which he also wrote the script.

Since then he has been directing commercials for clients like Skoda, Bulgari, Actimel, Bliss, or Prosciutto di Parma. His ad for the sports brand Freddy won the Young Director Award at the Cannes Advertising Festival in 2008.

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